Virtue Signaling: Women’s Moral Chastity Belt

In the past, chastity belt was introduced to reinforce fidelity and female virginity until marriage. Although it is rumored that women were forced into wearing it, there were also reported cases where women volunteer to wear it to restrain their innate desires.

Virtue signaling (VS) abides by the same principle. Instead of donning an article of clothing to represent an abstract idea, VS-ers verbally express their opinions to paint themselves as honorable. Like chastity belt, however, this was done to repress their covert sins. Whereas chastity belts are utilized to suppress promiscuity, virtual signaling is practiced out of fear that the absence of such reminder may relapse them into practicing what they claim to condemn. In short, both serve to suppress innate sins.

Take any screenshots you can find of celebrities’ recent tweets in defense of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, otherwise known as DACA. While some express generic messages in support for children who immigrated illegally with their parents, others flaunt their virtue by asserting their support for cheap laborers, thereby obligating us to be grateful for the reduced costs of produce.

On the surface, it looks like these celebrities lionize the work ethic of ‘less whiney and more hard-working undocumented migrants‘ who earned their places here. If your look further, this line of reasoning reveals these celebrities’ innate entitlement complex where they believe they should have access to goods for cheap. The more they verbally signal superficial virtues, the more it becomes apparent that they desperately attempt to mask their own vices – in this case, the sin of greed.

Nobody, I mean nobody, is immune from sinful temptations. Virtue signaling is not innately bad per se. It is a coping mechanism for those in denial of their sins.

Everyone do this because we are by our nature sinful beings despite our desperate need to eradicate our sins artificially. However, it is a misguided approach. Like chastity belt, virtual signaling does not remove our sinful temptations. It merely suppresses it. Furthermore, denying the harms of this approach will not only jeopardize your credibility, it also turns you into the very thing you claim to condemn.

Women in particular are worse offenders due to their need to differentiate themselves from other women they deem less virtuous. This not only diverts their attentions from repentance. It also shows their lack of faith in the presence of the gift that God has given themselves and others.

By misdirecting their attention toward flaunting our “virtues” at the expense of other women’s credibility, women undermine God’s credibility because the prideful urge to undermine others effectively means they are saboteurs of God’s plan for others as well. Whereas men hold each other accountable sooner and more harshly, women do not until Mother Nature gently introduces them to The Wall.

Ladies, check yourselves before you wreck yourselves. If you must virtue signal, reflect on why you have the urge. Think it through, because you are most likely concealing something.