New Host

This will be a quick introductory post to my new blog with a new site name, a new host, and a new server. My purpose remains the same, and I will gradually reconnect with my old followers. My reason behind switching is simple: I wanted more control and flexibility.

Admittedly, I began noticing certain restrictions with the old platform that bothered me a bit more than I had originally anticipated. While WordPress.COM offered themes that were great to work with, it began lagging in functionality compared to its preview. I like tweaking things a bit, and the limited options placed me at the mercy of the actual designers. Although I still use pre-made themes on this new server, there is more options for me to modify my blog’s appearance as I see fit. I suppose you get what you – or what your host – paid for.

Having been hosted by private servers before, it was easy to refer back to the resources. I could’ve bought my own domain. I considered it. I even asked several folks about their experiences with their servers, and received promising reviews overall. Weighing the pros and cons of different host servers allowed me to choose the right server – if I blogged frequently enough to get the the most out of the money I’d pay for my own server and domain.

In the meantime, I will stick with subdomain hosting, where I benefit from (most of) perks of domain hosting without paying a penny. Although this still places me at the mercy of my host, this is a good venue to revive my presence in the blogosphere. God bless web administrators who are generous enough to offer free hosting. I couldn’t have met all the great bloggers out there without them.

Back to square one it is!